How an Uninterruptible Power Supply Saved the Day


Normally you’d take external power supplies for granted in your shopping list when you build a PC but lemme tell ya, when building one I strongly recommend snagging a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for your gaming needs.

Why? I can tell you exactly why.

A  long time ago, somewhere not that far away

It was probably 9-10 years ago, I was still around elementary school at the time. I was still using a low end PC back then but was adequate enough to play C&C Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge and also CS 1.6(The days where I still had a CRT Monitor, still playing CS 1.6 up to now, both on PC and Android, I’ll show you how soon.)

Ahh yes, those were the days.

So, it was a pretty hot day, it was summer vacation so no classes for roughly three months.

I insisted on buying a surge protector for my PC but my dad ended up buying a UPS from APC, didn’t know what it does so I just brushed it off as a regular AVR, but damn it was heavy.

Panther Uninterruptible Power Supply

I had it installed and just resumed gaming like usual, I was binge gaming during that time and my session lasted from 8 am onward.

And what game was I playing? Pokemon Red running on a GBA Emulator.
(VisualBoy Advance)

I don’t like piracy but I got the ROM, I originally played it on the Gameboy Color back then until my eyes hurt.


Not my screenshot, though just imagine if you will.

I was already around Pewter City and just finished grinding so it ‘s time to duke it out with Brock.

Disaster (almost) struck!

I started out with Charmander and I grinded until it’s close to evolving to Charmeleon, I know how tough it is with Brock using a fire pokemon so I had to make do. (I’m a lazy trainer, I don’t catch much back then, don’t judge me please.) Halfway into the battle, I already beat Geodude, and out goes Onix, after spamming scratch and lowering Onyx’s health down to half, the power goes out.


Basically this is how it went.

Of course I’d panic since I’m used to things going kaput when the power goes out, but to my surprise all I heard next was a continuous beep from the UPS. I remembered dad telling me about the batteries lasting for 5-10 minutes, wasn’t sure since I haven’t tried draining so yeah, I resumed playing but was rushing it.

After just a few potions and some stroke of luck I beat Brock and saved the game immediately.

All thanks to the UPS. It let me do just that before it got drained.

Weeks later, I just learned of the save state and I felt really stupid. Lol

Years later…

After some solid years of gaming on a potato PC, I had to retire it, and also gave away the other components and yes even the UPS. I’ve been using it since 2003 so I gave it to my relatives for their document needs.

Nowadays I’ve switched to gaming on a laptop (was playing Undertale, I’ll talk about it soon) but I’ll build a PC soon enough. I bought a new UPS from Panther just a few days ago since I don’t have the APC anymore with me and I mainly use it for the Wii for now. (Yes, I love old consoles so long as there’s the game I like in there.)

Wii RE4.jpg

RE 4 on the Wii, and yes the motion controls work great.

Pretty sure that would serve me well for my Resident Evil 4 speedrun next weekend.
But for now

Point being

Having an Uninterruptible Power Supply in the Philippines is a good investment. I live here, and every time there’s a storm or say a definitely hot day it could be a primer for a blackout. Doesn’t matter to where you’re from, shit happens the least you expect it, so it’s best to be prepared.

Happy gaming!


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